With everything compiled into a standalone product…
 …playing experience even exceeds the previously known live game feeling!
  …never again will fairness of the machine be questioned;
World’s first gaming machines that guarantee 100% Fairplay™ for the player!

At Fairplay™ Gaming Machines we are well aware of increasing complexity of casino management and need to replace live dealer. Our efforts to overcome those issues have taken a well known fact inside gaming industry into account, concerning players lack of trust in fairness of gaming machines. Let it be the regular low stakes player or occasional high roller, most players often feel cheated by the machine. Therefore an idea was to offer a machine which would be able to eliminate any doubt that player might have about its fairness and provide an optimum solution to increase profitability at the same time. We’ve used latest cutting edge technologies during development to achieve our vision. Now finaly our goals and dreams are embodied in our innovative and attractive Fairplay product line.
Fairplay™ Card Game Tables are patented high-end casino products. Fully automated, designed to provide refreshing gaming experience full of excitement for up to 6 players on each table. Live Card Shuffle casts a unique feeling of action and expectation. User interface is simple and friendly, allowing players to focus on the game instead of relying on cheap visual tricks to attract players.