Second grand opening - 2nd Casino in Italy

After successful breakthrough to the market we are happy to announce to you our second casino in Italy.

Visit casino "Le Palme"
Celebrating first birthday of "Le Palme"

We're happy to announce that "Le Palme" has had a very successful first business year and is now one of
the most successful casinos in Italy.
This exceptional achievement is result of using innovative new concepts in gaming industry entertainment,
first introduced into Italian market by THT.
Our continued commitment to highest standard of quality, innovation and our customers will continue,
soon resulting in opening of live poker room.
Visit casino "Le Palme"
First grand opening - Casino in Italy on Friday 18th of March
We are happy to introduce to you, our first Casino in Italy named LE PALME.
Casino is modernly equipped and has 800 square meters on two floors. Our gaming repertoire of gaming machines consists of 180 slot machines and one american roulette with eight player stations.
Casino LE PALME is situated in Pescara and is only the beginning of a brand that our company is creating. Opening more VLT casinos in Italy are our plans for the near future.
ICE 2011 - London

The ICE 2011 exhibition in London was very successful for our company, perhaps even beyond our expectations. At the fair, we presented our third product Blackjack for the first time. Which has aroused great interest among visitors. In our range of products You can find three different card games (Baccarat, Trente et quarante and Blackjack), but this does not mean that in future we will have the fourth game, which we will be very happy to present to our customers.
We are very pleased with the visit of our stand, where we have the pleasure to greet both old and new customers from large casino chains, which were literally fascinated about our product. Therefore we would like to thank everyone for visiting our booth, and all others who were not, invited the following year to join us, when we will present even more innovations.
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