Card Game Tables
We are pleased to bring you our masterpieces... Fairplay™ Baccarat Table, Fairplay™ Black Jack Table, Fairplay™ Trente et Quarante Table. Fairplay Card Game Tables™ were developed with intention to satisfy those, who want to give only the best to their players. Our pearls of last generation of gaming machines are an ideal solution to increase profitability.

Benefits for the house:

  • Reliable Functionality – Skillfully selected and well placed components guarantee the machine will, without any intervention, work for years.
  • Superior Performance – Exceptional design encapsulates a powerful core, bringing performance to the maximum.
  • Professional Security – No modifications or changes can be made without special authorization, regarding both, hardware & software.
  • Reliable Card Dealing – Live Card Shuffler™ & Software work in complete harmony to provide mistake free play.
  • Anti Cheat Protection – It is impossible to cheat at Fairplay Card Game Tables™.
  • Faster Game Play – Table which is operational 24 hours can go through 40 to 60 sabots, depending on the game.


  • Live Card Shuffle™ – Smooth and sound Live Card Shuffle is an eye-catching feature, which evokes thrilling emotions in every player.
  • Fairplay™ Game Results – Special feature leads a player through a fair playing session.
  • Exceptional Design – Mixture of aggressively curved bottom and gently shaped top reflect power and elegance. Merged with light and sound effects, Fairplay™ Card Game Table is definitely the prestigious product, which any casino will place on their prime spot with pride.
  • Player Friendly Ergonomics – Leather and wood are carefully placed upon player surface, assuring comfort for long hours of play.
  • Excellent Game Flow – 40 to 60 sabots in 24 hours, depending on the game.
  • Multilingual Voice Narration
  • European Quality – All parts assembled in European Union